Jazmin 'JVZZI' Douglas is a Brooklyn, NY, based Art Director and Designer, specializing in Branding and Illustration.




I am inspired by the tried and true. The guts, the glory, the struggle, the triumphs. As an Art Director and Branding Specialist, I value unique stories and authenticity. I believe everyone has a story to tell. I also believe that the world wants to know you and your truth. We live to communicate and relate to one another. When given the opportunity, I enjoy delving into my clients story, and developing a strategy that expresses their message and engage their audience. I pride myself on my ability in discovering my clients potential, and together expounding on their strengths. Together We Create the BIG PICTURE.

 Design and Illustration is my given tool for exploration, but not the limit of my box of disciplines.  Design is my passion and practice, I am constantly learning and refining my craft, so I can offer my current and future clients the best services. 

with my backpack full and headlights pointed west, I vowed to never forget where I came from

And my story? I'm a charismatic kid from bum-f___ Kansas, born with an insatiable desire to see the world, and help the people I love tell their stories.  I guess you can say its something I picked up from porch sittin' with my grandpa, listening as he told stories from the war, and growing up on the farm. 

Being a creative may have saved me from joining the ranks of those fallen due to the ills of society, but it also helped me live out my passion. When I left home, years ago, with my backpack full and headlights pointed west, I vowed to never forget where I came from, and stay true to my country roots. I will admit, I did lose the accent. And if you are questioning how I'm fairing in the big apple, I'll quote Frank Underwood, "We Southern boys are slow with our words, but we're fast on our feet." Catch Up.







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  • America's Test Kitchen / Cook's Illustrated

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  • Art Director, Multi-Disciplinary Designer + Illustrator.
  • Branding Specialist (Design & Strategy)
  • Event and Space Design
  • Packaging /Merchandise Design
  • Social Media strategy and cross platform continuity
  • Self-taught in HTML, CSS, SEO, and CMS
  • Expert proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator & Photoshop)
  • I maintain design trends and standards
  • Formally trained photographer, painter, illustrator, and 2D artist
  • I believe what I can’t create virtually, I should take to physical media/mediums

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Side Project:

Brave new Urban


BRAVE NEW URBAN is blog and podcast I developed in late 2016. The emphasis is on Mindfulness, Productivity and Entrepreneurship. Along with my current commitment to developing Yoga and Meditation spaces in urban communities, my goal is to also introduce the youth and peers in Urban neighborhoods to the benefits of mindfulness and life hacks to increase their self-awareness and success.

The blog is updated weekly, followed with a bi-weekly newsletter with curated content. The podcast is also released bi-weekly, covering everything from life hacks, mindfulness practices, and politics.

All content and illustrations created by Me.





Eye of the Tiger

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