Why You Should Hire a Professional to Create Your Squarespace


So, you've just learned about Squarespace. As a small business owner, you are wondering, should you make the make the investment? Can I design a website? Is it really that easy?

First off, Squarespace.com is easily one of my top 5 resources produced for small business. Aesthetically, it is clean, minimalist, and easy to navigate. It has the essence of innovation, which is a key element of reflecting the future of your business and the connection to the future of technology. In terms of technology, I love how easily Squarespace integrates with social media and payment platforms. For developers It takes the stress from rummaging thru pages of plugins and APIs, to bring such elements to your site. And as a small business owner on a budget that time and that money can be well spent with Squarespace over a more complex system.

Yes, I think this is the best decision for your business as we are steaming ahead in the new age of business and technology. For the other questions, this is why I believe you should hire a professional to design your squarespace.

Its Not Easy To Build For A Non-Designer

Squarespace boast that it is user-friendly for the non-designer, and I couldn't disagree more. In order to create an aesthetically pleasing web design, a general knowledge of content organization, photo sizing and arrangement, as well as color theory, is paramount. i know I just threw a lot of concepts at you that you may not understand, but that is my point. As I am not capable of surgery from binge watching 'Grey's Anatomy,' it is unrealistic to expect a non-designer to be able to pick up web design after a few tutorials and skimming thru message boards.

Squarespace still requires Art Direction and Design

Squarespace still requires design, and here are a few examples of exactly that:




Without supporting graphics and photography, your squarespace can easily look like an unfinished powerpoint. The goal of creating a site is to tell your story in the best light, and we can all agree, powerpoint is dated and lacks imagination.

If you're going to invest in a website, make the most of it.

Think of owning a website in the same way you think of owning a home. It requires a strong foundation, curb apparel, and space for your belongings. Treat your website like a Beverly Hills mansion, or a 5th Ave condo. With that kind of luxury, you want an interior designer with your taste and budget in mind, so think of a designer in that sense. If you build with a designer now, you can avoid a massive renovation that could be costly later.