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Driven by passion and a love for the craft. Jazzi creates personal, meaningful work that is relatable not only with the company or client, but also with the audience.


[ ART DIRECTOR + DESIGNER for your favorite brands ]



let's work together


A website, a photograph, a design, each detail is created with everyone in mind.  All to create a piece of work that everyone is proud of.




experiential Design

Aside from Graphic Design, let's talk production. from ideation to Large scale printing, to lighting design, I can bring your creative dreams to life.


Print Design

From Business Cards to  sales collateral – quality print design gets people talking… and buying!

Logo Design

Making a positive impression starts with your logo design; it is the heart and face of your Brand.



The goal is discovering your brand’s identity and leveraging its power across all current platforms.


Web design

Bring your company website to life with expert web design and expand your business globally.



Everyone needs an extra pair of eyes or voice at the table. Need helping with Branding or Marketing strategy, let's work on a solution.





My name is Jazmin Douglas, better known as Jaz/Jazzi. I am a Brooklyn, NY, based Art Director and Multi-Discplinary Designer. There is nothing I won't Tackle.



Jazmin has a keen eye for design and has the talent and drive to take a concept from idea to reality. She is a student of her industry and always adds a fresh and relevant take on whatever project she is working on. She’s a pleasure to work with and truly strives to be a meaningful collaborator. I’m looking forward to working with Jazmin in the future.
— K. Williams
I’ve known Jazmin personally for 8 years dating back to 2006, and we have worked together on various projects for 3 years beginning in 2011. I have always admired the work that Jazmin does because she takes her time to understand what a project demands while still moving lightning fast. If you want a designer with a keen eye and the skill to turn your ideas into reality, you should contact her. If you would like a reference, I am happy to provide one. I’m sure we will continue working together in the future. Let me put it like this. If I have Graphic Design questions, she is the first person I go to.
— D. Idleburg